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Accutech Service
Our service division ACCUTECH provides IN/OUT of warranty repairs for many brands!
My Sonic Lab

One of the newest analog manufacturer from Japan is My Sonic Lab, formed in 2003 by Mr. Matsudaira. Mr. Matsudaira has a rich history with cartridge and phono reproduction designing which go back over 45 years which includes companies such as Tokyo Sound, Supex, Entre, AudioCraft to name a few.


My Sonic Lab Eminent Stereo MC Cartridge & Eminent Solo Mono MC Cartridge quickly became reference cartridge among Japanese Audiophiles and rated #1 in Japan by top magazine for their unparallel performance.
My Sonic Lab also offers a matching Stage 302 Step up Transformer and other fine analog products.




My Sonic Lab Eminent Stereo MC Cartridge
Internal Impedance 1.8 ohm / Output Voltage 0.5mV


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